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About Our Pastor

The Rev. Christopher Brademeyer

Pastor Brademeyer was called to serve us in 2017. Since that time, he has been diligently working to share the Gospel in our congregation and community! He holds degrees from North Dakota State University and Luther Seminary. He is married to Katherine and they have five children. In his spare time, he likes to fiddle with wood working, help on the family farm, and be with his family!

Lay Leadership for 2024

Congregation Assembly Chairman - Jon Hansen

Congregation Assembly Secretary - Kennedy Seyer

Congregation Treasurer - Nicholas Moen

Council of Elders

Bill Schmitz, Chairman              Eric Delahoyde, Secretary             Jeremiah Undem, Stewardship           Gary Schnell, Education          Lucas Cline, O.A.F

Andy Seyer, Properties              Marty Visto, Finance        


Board of Education

Katherine Brademeyer, Chairman          Tiffany Larson             Deb Van De Venter


Board of Properties

Chad Brandt, Chairman           Davide Totenhagen          Shane Visto


Board of Stewardship

Renee Seyer, Chairman          Dee Bosse          Nancy Domine


Board of Outreach, Assimilation, and Fellowship 

Bob Miller, Chairman           Tom Rodine         Tara Schmitz             

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