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3 Padres 1 Shepherd Episode 4: Is It O.k. To Be A Pew Sitter?

What is Christianity primarily about?  Is it about primarily being the hands and feet of Jesus or listening to Jesus?  Is a successful church busy with all sorts of programs, ministries, and outreach endeavors, whereas a mediocre or failing church sits in the pew?  In episode #4 of "3 Padres and a Shepherd," we will be taking a closer look into Jesus' interaction with two women: Mary and Martha.  We will be asking the question, "Is It O.k. To Be A Pew Sitter?"  Even though the story of Mary and Martha is a very simple story, it has vast application in the realm of the church and into the lives of Christians.  And so, sit back with Mary and enjoy this 4th Episode!  

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